Thursday, 18 August 2016

Year 6 Speech

This is my year 6 speech on "Why Donald Trump Should Be President" ( very sarcastic ) I have included his.... less offensive quotes in my speech and added some completely random garbage. Example: angelologists.

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Math Skillz Finding A Percentage Of A Number

This is my slideshow of how to find a percentage of a number with the math skillz group.
First our teacher showed us the rules and how to do it quickly and then she gave us some questions to answer in this slideshow where we also need to explain how it works. :3

Grid Value Portrait

WAL about value in art ➡️ how light or dark something is.
Process: learning about Chuck Close and the art that he did ➡️ Taking a line for a walk (making a scribble on our page and filling the spaces up) to help us learn more about value in darkness➡️ measuring a grid up on our piece of paper to enlarge➡️ drawing our patterns inside the grid squares to create our self portrait.
Trickiest part: was trying to remember to fill the squares with different patterns and not just bits.
Favourite part: Scribbling to learn. 😸

Monday, 27 June 2016

Speech Planner

WAL how to create a plan for a speech using success criteria. This is my speech template that I have created to help set up my speech. i have added all the persuasive techniques and strategies to get my audience listening to my point of view. I will try to use all these techniques in my speech if possible. I found this moderately difficult because it took my a while to understand what I had to do, but once i figured it out it was easy. :D

Friday, 13 May 2016

Term 2 Week 2

This week we have been learning about the solar system and I was the least informed person on this topic.
We had a solar system scavenger hunt where you'd have a pencil and a piece of paper and on the paper were questions. You had to run around the field looking for the answers for the question and write it down.
Our team got 14 out of 18 within about 10 minutes or so and we looked for the answers for 14 - 18 the rest of the time. As it turned out our teacher, who hid the answers, forgot to put those out... 

Today we had our first netball A team game, I kind of felt sorry for them because they were their school's B team. We then beat them and everyone from our school cheered for our team. I cheered for the visiting team.
The ending score I think was 12 / 2. I was WA (Wing Attack) who's job is to get the ball forward and help the shooters, GA and GS, to get in a better position to score. I think I did fairly well but it was pretty sad because we beat them so easily and our team was the only team who knew they were B team.