Friday, 26 June 2015

Kaitiaki Art

This is my kaitiaki art. I chose to do Tangoroa. I used a website called cool text, which has lots of cool fonts  and colours to use on our words that describe our god.

Fractions, Percentages, Decimals, Words and Ratio

This is what my little group for math has been doing, our group is called... MATH SKILLZ.
I pretty much came up with the name. B)
So we were learning how to change fractions to percentages, decimals, words and ratios.
We had no idea what to do at first but then after five minutes we found a pattern.
I liked doing this and found it fun because it is an other thing to learn.

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

My Speech

This is my speech. I really enjoyed writing this because we could write about what we chose and it didn't matter how good your speech was, it was still fun. I also found it fun because if your speech was good enough you would get recognised, and if it wasn't, it was still fun.