Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Math Skillz Finding A Percentage Of A Number

This is my slideshow of how to find a percentage of a number with the math skillz group.
First our teacher showed us the rules and how to do it quickly and then she gave us some questions to answer in this slideshow where we also need to explain how it works. :3

Grid Value Portrait

WAL about value in art ➡️ how light or dark something is.
Process: learning about Chuck Close and the art that he did ➡️ Taking a line for a walk (making a scribble on our page and filling the spaces up) to help us learn more about value in darkness➡️ measuring a grid up on our piece of paper to enlarge➡️ drawing our patterns inside the grid squares to create our self portrait.
Trickiest part: was trying to remember to fill the squares with different patterns and not just bits.
Favourite part: Scribbling to learn. 😸