Friday, 27 November 2015

Fractured Fairy Tale

This is my fractured fairy tale body. I found this easy because i had the introduction and conclusion set out so i just needed something that fitted in with both of them. My next step is to use more and different ideas from different fairy tales.

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Flag Project Challenge

This is a challenge we had to do for the flag project.
The flag project is a project with six HUGE challenges, this was one of the easy ones because I can find information easily. Our group chose the flag of Pakistan to find information about for no reason at all. Overall I really liked this challenge because it was easy, fun, quick, simple and effective.

Friday, 13 November 2015

T4 Week 5

                                                          My Blog Recount

Last week on Wednesday, Room 29 had to go to bike skillz. After the morning tea bell rang we had to line up and head towards the school field. At the field we saw Kelly and another woman unrecognized. Kelly introduced us to Satali. 

Next Kelly told us to take our hats off and put it on the ramp. Then Kelly told us to take either a large,medium and small helmet. I picked a small helmet our of the small helmet bag and put it on.Kelly told us to line up in our groups.I was in the party animals group.The other groups were M.M.R,Pepperoni Pizzas, Green fire dragons and lastly the amazing Party Animals!

After that Kelly told that the Pepperoni Pizzas could get their bikes first,then M.M.R,Green Fire Dragons and the awesome Party Animals.I got a grey/silver bike.Then we got into our lines and started riding. First we had to ride and then press on the brake handlebar at the red cones.There were a couple push and glide people, but most of us knew how to ride.

We did 2 laps around the field and then we had to say goodbye to Kelly,then headed back to class.

Narrative Task

                                                            My Reflection
I was learning to write the orientation of a recount.I found this easy because I HATE doing recounts and fingys where you have to write truthfuly. My next step is to write the rest of the story. :)

Friday, 6 November 2015

Term 4 Week 4

This morning our class went out onto the field to do some soccer skills. We got taught our SKILLZ  by a guy called Ben who is from England.

First he told us to all get a football and come over to him before we got told the rules of a game called sky towers. sky towers is basically stuck in the mud but dribbling and instead of crawling under each other's legs we had to kick our ball under their legs.We played three rounds of that and then played another game called ball rush.

Ball rush is a game where you run across to the other side without the tagger peoplez kicking your football out of the boundary. When your ball goes out you become a tagger peoplez.

And then we played cowboys and Indians which is where you are the Indians and you get to the other side without the cowboys kicking their balls at you.

I found this quite fun considering I suck and hate sports.

Determining Credibility

                                                              My Reflection
I was learning to know the source of the websites.I found this easy because the websites weren't a secret. My next step is to go in depth with the website to find more information.

Thursday, 5 November 2015

Narrative Writing Little Red Riding Hood

                                                       My Reflection
I was learning to know the structure of a fairy tale.I found this a bit difficult because it was hard to focus on the task. My next step is to put more detail and challenge my self with a different fairy tale.