Thursday, 17 March 2016

Identifying bias - The Whale Rider

This is a chapter from a book our class is reading, The Whale Rider. In this, we had to identify when the character, Koro is being bias. I found this a bit tricky because I don't quite know what the word, bias means. My next step will be to investigate the topic a but first.

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Peer Mediation Video

This is a video that showcases that I can solve a problem. We have been learning how to solve a problem for a while and in this video we have to use all the skills we learnt.

Whale Rider Venn Diagram

This is my whale rider venn diagram. A venn diagram lets you compare two or more people, Some people know it as a double bubble map but in my one I was comparing three people. I was comparing two people from the book our class is reading and me, The book is called The Whale Rider. I found this activity quite easy because I got an example before I had to do mine.

Thursday, 3 March 2016

Term 1 Week 5

Over the last few weeks at school me and some peoples have been working on cryptarithms. Cryptarithms are a math problem..- cryptic --..codey thing. So the math problem was writing in letters. We found them fun because they were challenging and it was addicting. You need to find a pattern with the letter and then find out the numbers using that pattern.

We also started some art where you need to grid up a piece of paper and then in each square do a pattern with the darkness depending on the photo your copying. You could do lines close together to make the square look dark or lines further apart to make the square look lighter I think it will look really "cool" when we're done.

We have been reading a book called the whale rider, it is about the legend of paikea and the present we had to do a venn diagram on ourselves and the first two characters we were introduced to, Nanny Flowers and Koro Apriana. To go along with that story we also did a retelling of paikea using summarising. The legend of paikea is about a man with 70 children who he thinks will do great, but he has another son who has been rejected from his father and was jealous of his brothers hence he sabotaged the canoe all his brothers were going on. All of his brothers drowned except for one, KAHUTIA-TE-RANGI who called upon a whale, their souls became one, Kahu became Paikea like the whale, they killed Ruatapu (the jealous brother) and swam to land.


Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Animals in Room 20

I was learning to display an organised digital graph based on room 20's opinions. 
I found this easy and fun because we used laptops and learnt more (fingies) we could do with them.
I chose the topic "Animals in Room 20" We had to have a main/header question and then a few more relating to that question. Most people's favourite animals are the feline family and the mammal family.